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Best Talents and Best Services

iHub Group Web and Media Solutions comprises like-minded Burmese youths around the world. It aims to provide the best services with affordable price to local and international entrepreneurs. We embrace open source technologies and open standards providing international development at local price.

Our team of digital innovators provides a full tailor made suite of web solutions and services for your business and yourself. We’ve been doing what we love: inventing, conceptualizing, designing, developing and deploying websites and applications that our clients love. We strongly believe that our team has the power to impact and enable every industry.

Our expertise covers a wide range of solutions especially creative concept work, web development, mobile development, eLearning and eLibrary solutions, enterprise IT systems. We strive to provide quality as well as quick development only achievable through our expertise and our streamlined development process. Here are our services.

At iHub Group Weband Media Solutions, we assure you the complete web presence you deserve. Also we provide a free consultation to every caller and you can reach us at

  1. +95973078744, Myanmar
  2. +66859953418, Thailand
  3. +6593372343, Singapore

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